Verruca Treatment by Dunmurry Podiatry

Verruca treatment is a service that we offer in Dunmurry Podiatry.

A Verruca is a type of wart that develops on the soles of feet. Most people will have a verruca at some point in their lives, and whilst they can go away on their own, it can take months or even years for some people.

Whilst a verruca won’t cause any harm, they can be unsightly for some people and may cause pain and itching. At Dunmurry Podiatry, we can safely remove verrucas, providing patients with permanent relief and stopping them from reoccurring.

What is a verruca?

A verruca is a type of wart that appears on the sole of the feet. They feel like a small hard lump and they have a black dot at the centre. Some people may only have one verruca present at a time, whilst others may experience more, which is caused by them spreading. 

Verruca treatment

Is a verruca sore? 

Whilst the verruca itself is painless, it may cause pain if it is located on a weight bearing part of the foot, some describe it feeling like they are walking on a needle. It may also cause pain if it is located somewhere that causes friction, such as between the toes. 

How to treat a verruca? 

There are a few ways in which a verruca may be treated, some are more effective and immediate than others. Methods for treating a verruca, includes: 

Topical remedies for verruca treatment 

Some treatments for verrucas include topical remedies such as creams, plasters or sprays. However, these methods may take months before they are effective and they can cause irritation to your skin. Also, they don’t always work for everyone!

Cryotherapy for verruca treatment 

Cryotherapy is a treatment for verrucas that uses liquid nitrogen in order to freeze the verruca and encourage it to fall off. This treatment can only be provided by healthcare professionals and those trained in how to deliver the procedure. 

The liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the area for approximately 30 seconds. Usually, a few Cryotherapy sessions are required in order to completely remove the verruca. Treatments are usually conducted every 2-3 weeks until the verruca has fallen off. 

Is cryotherapy for verruca treatment painful? 

There may be slight discomfort and pain felt during the cryotherapy treatment, however it is not unbearable. After the session, the area may be red and swollen and as it thaws, you may feel a slight sting or itching sensation. A scab will develop following the cryotherapy sessions and in about 2-3 days, it will fall off, removing the verruca with it. 

How do verruca’s spread? 

Verruca are spread by a contagious virus. They can be easily spread through close skin contact or through contaminated surfaces. 

Some ways in which they can be spread includes: 

  • Wearing other people’s socks or shoes.
  • Walking barefoot in gyms, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools etc. 
  • Sharing towels, flannels, etc. 

A verruca may take months to develop after coming into contact with the virus, so it’s important to try and take precautions to limit the spread. 

How to stop verruca forms spreading? 

You should take precautionary steps in order to limit the spread of verrucas. It prevents them from spreading to other parts of your feet and hands and it prevents them from spreading to other people. 

Some steps you should take to stop the spread of verrucas include: 

  • Try not to touch or pick at the verruca.
  • Wash your hands immediately after touching the verruca.
  • Change your socks daily if you have a verruca.
  • Do not share towels, flannels, socks or shoes with other people.
  • Do not walk around barefoot in the home or in public places if you have a verruca.
  • Keep the feet dry as wet feet are more likely to spread the virus. 

Following these steps will limit the spread of verrucas in your home and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body. 

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Cryotherapy verruca treatment at Dunmurry Podiatry 

At Dunmurry Podiatry, we provide cryotherapy treatment in order to safely and effectively remove verrucas. This treatment can be performed in our premises or via our home call out service. 

Use our online booking system to schedule an appointment or alternatively get in contact via email or you can give us a call.