Dunmurry Podiatry is based at 146a KINGSWAY Dunmurry.

It is above and behind the hairdresser at Dunmurry crossroads.

If you are unable to climb stairs please call and we can arrange a home visit.

Sinead McKeown and David McKeown have been qualified since 1990.

With joint clinical experience of over 30 years, their quality service in a professional environment is offered to the residents of Dunmurry, Lisburn and Belfast communities.

Dunmurry Podiatry

We are now a very busy clinic offering all treatment options.

Our services:

  • Routine Podiatry

  • Biomechanics /Gait analysis

  • Verruca Treatments

  • Nail Surgery

  • Podopeadiatrics (children’s podiatry)

  • Diabetic assessments

  • Home Visits

Nail Surgery

A minor procedure under local anaesthesia that permanently resolves your ingrowing toe nail and fungal nail problems.

Verruca Therapy

We offer acid and freezing (cryotherapy) treatments for this very problematic viral infection.

Routine Foot Care

For general health and well being it is important to keep corns, callous, skin and nail problems under control and in good condition. After this full treatment, followed by a foot massage, we give thorough education and advice on upkeep of your footsore and advice on where to purchase footwear and hosiery if needed.

Foot Pain

Minor aches and pains can very often be resolved with a simple treatment or advice on footwear. However treatment may also include the prescription of insoles/orthotics or use of strappings, or a series of ultrasound therapy to treat the acute pain.

Footcare Products

At Dunmurry Podiatry we can order many footcare items upon your request. These may include footwear, socks and hosiery, bunion /corn/ toe shields, foot creams, anti fungal preparations or insoles and orthotics