Routine Foot Care by Dunmurry Podiatry

At Dunmurry Podiatry, we provide routine foot care appointments for our clients. In these appointments, we look after your feet and promote foot overall health. We can provide regular foot care appointments in our premises, via our home call out service or through our nursing home call out appointments. 

What is routine foot care? 

Your feet do a lot of work and they need a lot of attention in order to keep them healthy and hygienic. Thousands of steps, ill fitted footwear, genetics and improper care can all lead to foot problems, but with a routine foot care appointment, you can ensure that your feet are in optimal health and free of any issues that may cause discomfort or limit mobility.

routine foot care

routine foot care

What happens during a routine foot care appointment? 

At Dunmurry Podiatry, we evaluate the foot’s overall health and look for any symptoms that may indicate issues with the feet. We also take the time to make the feet look nice and clean. During our routine foot care appointments, we: 

Remove hard skin

Hard skin particularly accumulates around the heel and ball of the foot, on the weight bearing parts of the feet. In our routine foot care appointments, we file away the dead skin making them feel and look smooth.

Remove corns and callus

Corns are usually seen on the outer parts of a toe, they are an accumulation of thickened skin and usually feel tender. Calluses are a little different, in that they are an area of hardened skin that is caused by repeated irritation or pressure to the foot. 

During a foot care appointment, we will remove any corns and calluses, leaving your feet feeling soft and smooth. 

Remove ingrown toenails

During our foot care appointments, we can also spot any ingrown toenails and remove them before toenail surgery is required. We cut the nail in such a way as to prevent them from growing outwards when they grow back. This service provides immediate relief for those with ingrown nails. 

Treat fungal infections

We can also provide treatment for any toenail fungal infections that we spot during a routine foot care appointment. This may include topical treatments or a surgical procedure that removes the diseased part of the nail. 

Properly cut, trim and file nails

Many people are unaware of how to correctly cut and file their toenails. Improper cutting can lead to infections and may even cause an ingrown toenail to develop. During our routine foot care appointments, we trim and file the toenails, ensuring that they are neat in appearance and left in a healthy condition. 

Routine foot care advice

During our routine foot care appointments, we also provide expert advice on how you can look after your feet at home, ensuring that they receive the care and attention that they deserve. 

Advice regarding footwear

Improperly fitted shoes cause excessive pressure to the feet, which can lead to a host of problems, including:

  • Pain in the feet and legs
  • Deformed growth
  • Blisters
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Toenail infections

At Dunmurry Podiatry, we offer advice on appropriate footwear that you should wear in order to support your feet throughout the day.

Advice on foot hygiene

We also provide practical advice on how to look after your feet at home. We can advise on the following: 

  • How often you should change your socks and footwear.
  • How often you should cut your nails.
  • What to do if you spot signs of a toenail infection or a verruca.

We are also on hand to answer any foot-related questions that you may have during your routine foot care appointment. 

Who are routine foot care appointments good for? 

No matter your age, ability or gender, everyone can benefit from routine foot care appointments, conducted by a podiatrist professional. However, these appointments are particularly useful for people who find it difficult to perform routine foot care themselves, including the elderly and those with mobility issues. 

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Schedule a routine foot care appointment

At Dunmurry Podiatry, we can perform routine foot care appointments either in our premises, in nursing homes or via our home call out service. Use our online booking system to schedule an appointment or alternatively get in contact via email or you can give us a call.